Last Meeting Outline 2/5/2012

Melanie Sue

Z Meeting Minutes for 2/5/2012

Phoenix Cafe 12:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.

12:45 p.m. – Meeting in session

Introductions (Julia, Michael, Janet, Casey, Dennis, Barbara, Dave, Scott, Jermaine, Azaria, Hans, Rob, Mathew, and Melanie)

Occupy Update (Hans): New developments in the Occupy Detroit Movement:

“Unite Detroit” (5900 Michigan Ave.) is dissolving and remaining members are merging with “Occupy Detroit”. They are to share the 5900 Michigan space. Hans believes this new Occupy development will not threaten our Z Day location at 5900 Michigan Ave. building or the resource library. However, there will need to be a General Assembly with Occupy Detroit to confirm the use of this space. Hans will communicate with Occupy on Zeitgeist’s behalf. Occupy Homes campaign has been very active and has saved 4 homes from foreclosure. Occupy has considered the option of becoming shareholders of some banks/businesses in order to attend their shareholder’s meetings. This will attract further attention to the Occupy Movement and allow their influence in policy making. A generous landlord in the Detroit area is planning to donate a building or two to the Occupy Detroit Movement. One particular building is located on Woodward and has a store front. The buildings are not currently up to code. Local Union Workers affiliated with the Occupy Detroit Movement would be willing to help restore some of the houses at no cost and the landlord would be willing to finance the restorations as well. In addition, this landlord is considering the purchase and restoration of libraries and schools to make affordable housing projects. Hans will continue to have further discussions with this landlord.
Z Day updates:

Z Day is confirmed for March 10th from Noon – 8:00 p.m.
We are still planning to have Z Day at 5900 Michigan Avenue in Detroit. However, the proposal will need to be brought up at next Occupy Detroit General Assembly since this space now theirs. Hans will help with this task.
The Phoenix Cafe will be a back up location for Z Day if the 5900 Building option doesn’t work out.


Occupy Flint Speakers – Janet is in contact with and will confirm a speaker by 2-17.
Peace Mob (Flint) – Janet to contact and confirm by 2-17.
Permaculture expert- Janet to contact and confirm by 2-17.
“On the Commons” – Janet to contact and confirm by 2-17.

East Michigan Environmental Action Council – Dave S. to contact and confirm by 2-17.
Michigan Welfare Rights- Dave S. to contact and confirm by 2-17.
L.R.N.A. – has committed to having a booth and a speaker.

Resource Based Economy presentation series – Rob has confirmed he will speak. He will break his presentation into 3 segments (approximately 1 hour each).

Free Cycle- Scott to contact and confirm by 2-17.
Green Party- Scott to contact Richard and confirm by 2-17.

Fireweed- Hans to contact and confirm by 2-17.
Seed Bank- Hans to contact and confirm by 2-17.
Time Bank- Hans to contact and confirm by 2-17.

Gardening booth – Mathew and Melanie confirmed.


Iron On transfer paper – Scott to donate transfers

T-shirts – We need a donation of white and black t- shirts. Any takers?

DVD’s – Sean and Lansing Chapter

Donation Jar at the food counter- Sean

Donation Table for resource library donations- Everyone


Donations from Whole Foods, Cacao Tree Cafe, and A.J.’s – Janet and Scott to contact and confirm.
Prepared Food- Azaria, Melanie, Julia and Janet
Cutlery- Melanie
Dishes- Melanie
Beverages – Possible donations from Whole Foods – Janet and Scott
Melanie, Azaria, and Janet
Recycle/Trash Bins – Azaria, Melanie, and Janet

Food Committee will continue to have independent conversations via e-mail.


Partitians – Sean
Projectors- Sean/Hans
Screens- Sean/Hans
Tables- Sean
Power Cords- Sean
Computers (for information booths and T-shirt station)- Jermaine, Hans, Rob, Azaria, Sean?


Emily Rose- Hans to confirm by 2-17.
Bands/ Musicians – Hans and Z musicians to find bands or perform.
Music CD- Send your unique music to Jermaine and he will create a Z Day CD.


Banners – Sean
Miscellaneous signs- Melanie and Mathew
Balloons- Melanie


Z Day flyer – Jermaine (send ideas and confirmed speakers to him for flyer by DEADLINE 2-18)
Z Day Web – Jermaine

Recommended Movie List – Sean
Recommended Reading List- Sean
Things you can do now List- Sean

Transitional Sheet- Mathew and Melanie

Press Releases – Janet and Hans
Media Outlets/Newspapers – Janet


Jermaine is requesting members to fill out their biography on the Z website. If you have questions regarding how to do this please contact Jermaine.
Jermaine is working on the development of a QR code for Z.
Jermaine is working on the developments of a Z music CD. Please send your own unique music to Jermaine if you’d like to be featured on this CD.

Movie night was cancelled in January due to poor attendance.

A core meeting before Z Day will be announced in the near future.

Meeting Adjourned: 3:00 p.m.

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