SE MI Zeitgeist Chapter



Hello, we hope to find you well and enjoying the summer. We have a few announcements to make regarding the future activities of our SE MI Z chapter.


First, our meeting that was scheduled for this Sunday is going to have to be postponed until next Sunday the 12th. Our apologies for the last minute change.


Second, we will be exhibiting at two events in the near future:


STEREOTERRA | Michigan Music Festival – Aug 16th – 19th

STEREOTERRA is going to blast your ears with mind-blowing music, fill your stomach with delicious food and drink, and make your eyes marvel over the lights and art decor that make up STEREOTERRA. You’ll make friends and memories for a lifetime.


Dally in the Ally – Sept 8th

The spirit of Dally in the Alley is something not easily defined. Belonging to just a few blocks of Midtown for one day each year, a kind of self-perpetuated microcosm comes into existence to celebrate the art, culture and hope that fuels the city of Detroit. Read the rest of the article here:


We hope to see you at either event or at next Sundays meeting.



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