Dally in the Alley

Fellow open minded individuals,

Tomorrow marks the 35th annual Dally in the Alley festival in Downtown Detroit and our second time exhibiting at the festival. Last year we were overjoyed with the positive response that we received. It’s a fresh college / young adult crowd that is ripe for positive visions of the future as Zeitgeist provides. We hope that some of you that have signed up for this email newsletter will make it a point to visit the festival and stop by our booth. Even if you joined this email list by accident or still question the Zeitgeist tenets this event is just a great time for anyone that enjoys live music, people watching, socializing, local products & lots of fun. It’s a family friendly, safe environment for anyone and everyone to enjoy.


“The Dally represents a lot of what’s going on in Detroit; a handmade movement that is exciting and fresh. Being a vendor is fun but just being a part of this on any level is amazing,”

The next meeting will be at the Phoenix Café on October 7th @ 12:30 PM.

We hope to see you soon!


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