S.E. MI Zeitgeist Movement Chapter Update

So… many of you are probably thinking “what chapter?” Well, understandably we have not been very active this summer due to conflicting schedules and summertime obligations. That being said once again we will not be having a first Sunday of the month meeting in August. We will, however, be exhibiting at the following festivals. For any of you that have been looking forward to getting involved, here’s your chance!

We are signed up for the Holistic Festival, Aug. 16th 12-9, Aug. 17th 10-6 and Aug. 18th 10-6. http://www.gibraltartrade.com/holisticshow.php

In September we are registered for one of our favorite events: Dally in the Ally, Sept. 7th, rain date Sept. 8th. http://dallyinthealley.com/ Don’t miss this one!

We can use all of the help you’re willing to provide so don’t be shy, come on out and lend a hand! For any of you that have not attended Dally in the Alley it’s a really fun event, so even if you’re not willing to help out at the both come and enjoy the great food, entertainment, local vendors, etc..!

Email us with any questions, comments and/or concerns and we hope to see you soon!


The Zeitgeist Movement S.E. MI Chapter

MI State site: www.Zeitmi.com

S.E. MI Chapter site: http://zeitmi.blogspot.com/

Main TZM Site: www.thezeitgeistmovement.com


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