S.E. MI Chapter update 9/23


At some point in time you expressed interest in the trains of thought advocated by The Zeitgeist Movement. At its core, the movement is about altering our programming. Recognizing that our values are not only learned, but also changeable. Currently these values (which influence behavior) are out of sync with the natural world, and as a result recent studies indicate that all of the earths life support systems are in a sharp decline (see links below).

So what will be our role? What will be our forum for social awareness? For starters, our local chapter has already begun fundraising for a series of NLRBE (Natural Law/Resourced Based Economy) related billboard advertisements. We have also created an online matching / sharing system that we hope will create a closer community of likeminded individuals. This system is in its beta form as of now and will be released in the very near future only to people on this mailing list to test and offer feedback.

Friday September 26th at 7 pm, we are meeting at Z’s Villa (42 Piquette, Detroit, MI 48202) to discuss fundraising, billboard design, and future plans of action. All of you on this rather extensive emailing list are welcome to come and share your thoughts. Your input is appreciated.

Also, please let us know if you received duplicate emails. We are trying to make sure that all the email addys that we’ve received are in this database but some may be duplicated.


The Zeitgeist Movement, S.E. MI Chapter

From ocean to ozone: Earth’s nine life-support systems – New Scientist

Climate is only one of our planet’s support systems – to keep them all off the critical list, we have to work out how much punishment they can take
View on www.newscientist.com

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