Introducing the Matching Zystem by TZM SE MI

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Zeitgeist members and those who have expressed interest,

We have exciting news of a new tool/service we’ve developed to help bring our ideas and attitude/spirit closer to reality.

Some of you may recall at Z-Day a few years ago, we presented the idea of a database we were working on so we’d have the ability to FIND each other, KNOW about each other, get help from each other and to offer to help to each other. We look to build a network of like-minded, local individuals to begin the work of changing the value system in our society & creating a mindset of sharing and connecting. Well it took a lot longer than we originally expected but we FINALLY have it created, built, online and ready for you to use. But it’s only as good as those who are in it. The movement will only be built by people participating in the movement. If we have six people it won’t do much to help each other nor to make our ideas a reality…but if we have 600 hundred local people? Then we have enough to have a functioning system and we can begin creating/building a vibrant system…and subsequently a vibrant community. “If we build it they will come.” The site of dreams.

That being said we invite you to go to or (the z is not a typo, a play on Zeitgeist, matchingsystem dot com was taken) and be on the ground floor of creating/building a new reality and help us to test it and refine it and further develop it. Make an account, create a profile (button at the top) and tell us who you are or what you need and let’s see what we can all do together to make the world a better place with less reliance and need for money. There is no fee or charge involved. If we have any programmers out there who can help us further develop and further refine the system, we request and welcome your assistance to make this as big and bold and beautiful and useful as it can be.

Thank you,

The Zeitgeist Movement S.E. MI Chapter

P.S. While Zeitgeist is a key purpose/aspect of the system it’s broader application is so like-minded people can find each other and know about each other. Kindred spirits. So feel free to spread to other friends/relatives even if they are not Zeitgeist minded. There is a toggle to indicate whether a person is Zeitgeist minded or not.

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