A note from the Matching System creator:

First match made…and the Vision.

We’re happy to announce that the first match has been made with the matching system. And it happened to be in the realm of resources.

I was browsing the members (all 12 of them), noticed someone needed a tool that I had and she lived in the city where I worked. Sent her an e-mail asking if she still needed the tool, she did, I dropped it off to her that same day after work. She put it out there…and her need was fulfilled.

We want to explain the vision and the potential uses of the matching system. This is by no means an exhaustive list. We’re sure people will find all kinds of uses beyond these. This is to just outline the basic vision…

We all have needs and we all need things. We all have certain skills, knowledge, interests, hobbies, resources. Each one of us only has a little of these things but together we have a lot of these things.

What if you need a resource….a tool, some expertise, some advice, some teaching, some other sort of resource…log on, run a search and presto, there it is, there he is, there she is.

And if this thing is Zeitgeist related and you’re not spending money on obtaining these things what does that mean? It means you’ll have more money to spend on other things.

I could use a workout partner. I’m sure there are all kinds of people around me who would also like a workout partner…but currently I have no way to find them or know who they are.

Apply that to any hobby or need or friends.

It’s getting people out of cyber space and connected in real life, in real ways, that matter.

While this next match example didn’t come through the matching system, it came while discussing the matching system with a current member. I found out he knows how to snowboard, he has gear, he enjoys teaching people to snowboard. I have always wanted to learn to snowboard. We have a match! Things like that.

Maybe you have some strange or rare interest. You can’t be the only person on the planet or in your neighborhood with this interest right? What if you could type it in and…there you go, you’re not alone….and hopefully you just found a new friend. You just found a kindred spirit.

Or maybe you run a search and there is no match. Well put yourself in there and the next time somebody else runs that same search they’ll find…..YOU!

But the service is only as good as those who are in it. We need a lot of people, all doing a little thing or having a need or having something they’re willing to share.

Some people will only join a service like this once they think it’s going to serve a useful purpose for them…right now. But if everybody has that spirit/attitude then the service will never get off the ground and will never exist.

We’re looking for those with a pioneering spirit. We’re looking for those who understand the vision, who see the vision, and who want to see it exist in the world.

If you are one of those people, we ask you to join us and make the vision a reality.

It only takes a minute to make an account and a profile. And you may help change the world. Seriously.

Personally I’ve enjoyed browsing profiles and learning something about members that I didn’t know before. A skill, an interest, a hobby.

We’re excited for this first match and we look forward to facilitating many more.

Thank you,

The Zeitgeist Movement, S.E. MI Chapter

P.S. We’ve noted an intermittent issue where clicking “Browse Profiles” while using mobile devices sometimes takes you back to the login screen instead of to the profiles. We’re trying to resolve. If you encounter this, we haven’t seen this issue if the site is accessed via computer.

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