2017 MI Earth Day Festival April 21st-23rd

I remember, when I was a child, playing the game Monopoly.  I was amazed at how intense the game could get and how “invested” my fellow players would become.  Inevitably, no one was having fun, except for the person on top.  Well, I feel it’s time to play a better game. One in which people are truly free and able to thrive with systems that support the well-being of all while living within the carrying capacity of the earth.  It’s time to move beyond poverty, politics, war and environmental  degradation.  Time to embrace the concepts of a Resource Based Economy.

This is the message I hope to spread at this year’s MI Earth Day Festival in Rochester, MI.  If you share in this vision, we could use your help by inviting your friends, family and coworkers.  The S.E. Mich. Chapter of the Zeitgeist Movement will have a table under the Connect Cafe tent.  We will be giving away earth stress balls, bookmarks, and literature about the movement.  We will have a presentation in the Connect Cafe in which an introduction to a Resource Based Economy video will be shown followed by a Q & A.  Would love to have your support at that time.

For more information on the event, go to migreenteam.com.

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